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Shanie Gaviria - Birthday Babe

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Birthday Babe

It's Shanie Gaviria's birthday party so come celebrate. She may be the birthday girl but she's also the gift, and what a gift she is to breast men around the globe.

Shanie enters the living room where her birthday decorations, gifts and refreshments are laid out for her party. First off, we see Shanie from behind, her incredible bubble booty in white stretchy pants. A Colombian national treasure.

Then Shanie turns around. Her beautiful, big tits are wrapped in a tight bra and very low-cut, thin sweater. Coming or going, Shanie is a traffic-stopper. She looks in her gift bags and likes what she finds. She has to try them on right there and squeezes into them. This party is a boob-bouncing, booty-shaking bust-out. The sight of Shanie in her birthday suit is a cause for celebration.

Birthday Babe

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Birthday Babe

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Shanie Gaviria -

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