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Joana Bliss - Bringing The World Bliss

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bringing The World Bliss

Bringing The World Bliss

Bringing the world big-time bliss since 2004, Joana Bliss goes her own way in the world of big-boob modeling. Joana keeps off social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, doesn't do webcam sessions, sell home-made videos or make public appearances.

"I do two hours of yoga and meditation a day and my breasts do not hinder me at all, which is good," Joana said. "Every day, I do this and I enjoy it. It is a spiritual and physical way to stay centered and to unify body, spirit and mind."

That hasn't changed Joana's earthy, erotic side. On-camera, she can masturbate with toys or fingers, play with her world-famous tits and play with other girls. "It's about the sensual touch. I'm very sensual."

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Bringing The World Bliss

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