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DariaThe Curvy Doll

Thursday, January 18, 2018
The Curvy Doll

"People don't know I am a model and no one has ever asked me if I model," Daria said. "It's difficult to guess when they see me. If they know me, they know me as a university graduate."

Daria used to be shy about showing off her curves and big boobs. Now she dresses differently and likes to wear tight clothes. She said she bought some skimpy bikinis that she'll wear when she goes away for holidays.

The chesty young doll only buys her bras online, depriving any boyfriends of the thrill of going to a lingerie store with her. It's sad for them.

The only funny habits Daria has is singing when she walks. She once sang for us in a bonus video clip. She is our Russian idol.

The Curvy Doll

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The Curvy Doll

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Some of Daria's hot friends getting nasty and naughty

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