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Claudia KeAloha - stacked lap dancer doing it

Thursday, November 30, 2017
Doin' the nasty with a stacked lap dancer

"As you may have seen in my videos, I love giving head," Claudia KeAloha said. "I love to get my guy very hard by giving him head before I let him in my pussy. I love titty squeezing and sucking foreplay. Kissing and my tits being sucked make me cum the hardest. I want my partner to cum in my mouth or on my tits."

A big-boobed stripper who travels to different areas such as Hawaii and Florida to dance, Claudia is one of the rare SCORE Girls who says the word "cunt."

"When I watch my videos, sometimes I think of how I could have made it better and I laugh thinking about the behind-the-scenes moments," Claudia told me. "It's fun times. Yes, I masturbate when I watch my videos!"

We usually think that girls who do porn are size queens regarding their personal penis preferences, but for Claudia, that's not the case.

"Size is important, but I don't need a really huge dick. I like a good dick size. I like to have my nipples sucked as we fuck, and to be kissed while fucking makes me cum. I have sex about twice a month. I love sex, but since I do not have a boyfriend, one has to be careful. I do not like to have long-time boyfriends.

"I like the missionary position because I love to have my tits sucked at the same time. I like to be kissed. I like to see the guy's face and have eye contact with him, too. My least favorite is doggie because I can't see anything."

I mentioned to Claudia that mirrors could solve that problem.

I suppose it's crazy to write this, but my favorite Claudia video is not a sex scene. It's a video of her trying on ridiculously tiny bikinis in the SCORE models' dressing room. It's no surprise that guys drop a load in their pants when they get a Claudia lap dance in the VIP room.

Doin' the nasty with a stacked lap dancer

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Doin' the nasty with a stacked lap dancer

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Dolly Delight - big tits and talks dirty

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dolly's dirty-talking delight

British babe Dolly Delight says she's old-fashioned, which definitely goes against my image of the old-fashioned girl. Dolly has big, fake tits and a pierced pussy. She fingers her cunt on-camera and talks dirty. I've never heard of an old-fashioned girl like that. But what she means is, "I like to be chased by a man and made to feel very desired. I like to be the girly-girl, and I think a woman likes to be treated as a princess. I like a strong guy who can protect me and make me feel safe and also throw me around the bedroom."

Okay, so treat her like a princess while she's sucking your cock and balls. Tell her how pretty she looks with your cum glazing her face. Is that the idea?

"That will work," Dolly said. "But what I'm saying is that I'm a woman who likes to be treated like a woman, and I want the man to be a man."

In this scene, Dolly is wearing a tight, red dress and holding an umbrella. Her British pussy is freshly shaved and aching to be fingered. Her filthy vocabulary is unrivaled by any other skanky British babe. In the dirty mouth division, Dolly's throat is a whirlpool of verbal smut, her mind a gutter. In other words, Dolly is an artist at producing salaciously slutty and prurient poetry.

A nice vanilla ice cream cone is just right for a refreshing break from the tropical heat. It melts too quickly, though, and Dolly's sloppy ice cream licking habits leave her big tits looking like a group of sperm donors busted their nuts all over her.

At this point, Dolly is all woman. You can see her tits and pussy. Now be a man and jack off.

Dolly's dirty-talking delight

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Dolly's dirty-talking delight

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Eva Notty does a Big-tit rubdown

Monday, November 13, 2017
Eva Notty goes for a massage. She takes off her bra and panties, puts on a towel and gets on the massage table. The masseur pours baby oil over her big tits and begins rubbing each tit. Eva asks that he massage one breast with both hands. His hands circle under each boob, and he goes to town. This is where the masseur's involvement ends, sadly for him. When the massage ends, Eva's got a lady boner from all that rubbing.

Although she had been in Naughty Neighbors magazine years earlier, Eva hadn't thought about posing for SCORE.

"I posed for Naughty Neighbors that one time, but that was it," she said. "I never put it out of my thoughts, but I never really thought about pursuing it. That was just one thing I did for fun. But my friend pursued it. I didn't know I'd be doing a pictorial in which I was getting my boobs massaged, but I loved it!"

She would end up doing much more, but that's a tale for another day.

my god this Eva Notty is one helluva beauty! gorgeous face, big sexy boobs, amazing tight round butt and best of all, she is a sex addict, lucky us!!!
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Bunny Brooks new porn video A Bunny tale

Monday, November 06, 2017
"Nude modeling is something new and exciting for me," said Bunny Brooks, who's very exciting in this scene. "I'm dipping my fingers in a few different things and seeing what I like. I've done a lot of things, but I'd like to be in more situations with women and men where I'm dominating them, spanking them while fucking them with a strap-on."

Sorry, Bunny, but I stopped listening at "dipping my fingers in a few different things." In this scene, blonde Bunny dips her fingers inside her pussy. She also uses a toy on her always-horny fuck box.

Fun facts about Bunny that Elliot revealed in the SCORELAND Blog: "I like to drink a lot of beer. My favorite local bar is in Atlanta. They have a passport club. I've already accumulated over 650 different beers. I'm kind of a beer connoisseur. I'm a gamer and I play World of Warcraft. And I have three large dogs...Great Danes."

More about big-boobed, bootylicous Bunny:

"G-spot stimulation is the most satisfying for me. Lots of penetration. I'm more into penetration than clitoral stimulation. I love being fucked hard until I cum and then creampied. If I was having my way, the guy would usually cum in my pussy. That gets me off. I loved being fucked from behind, and I love riding a guy's cock.

"Sex twice a week is good for me, if possible. I'd do it more, but I cum so much during my cam shows that I pretty much manage to keep myself satisfied. Doggy style is a favorite so the guy can go really deep, and on top so I can control how deep he goes and the motion. I guess that's my dominant side.

"If you're already down there eating me out, I don't mind having a tongue pass over my butthole. If you're going to dive face-first into my ass, that's not really my thing, sorry. But if you're already down there, that feels good."

This is all good information to keep in mind if you ever meet Bunny during your travels to Atlanta. Hey, you never know.

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Your cock in Sirale's mouth and pussy

Thursday, November 02, 2017
Your cock in Sirale's mouth &pussy

When I first wrote about this Sirale video, I asked whether the members liked first-person point-of-view (POV) or preferred the usual format.

Two members' comments:

Wrote Tim, "I especially enjoy the POV views for the blow job and doggy positions. These should be in all videos to some degree. Makes you feel like you are there rather than being just an observer."

Gern opined, "I feel all models should have at least a couple of POV vids. For diversity, if anything."

I'm a believer in the power of POV although not in 100% of a scene. There should be other camera angles, too. Blow jobs and tit-fucking have much more heat in POV and so does the missionary position. Nipple sucking and pussy licking can't be done in POV. Doggie-style doesn't work that well with big tits since we won't be able to see the girl's tits dangling and swinging unless she angles her waist. (For ass, nothing is better than POV.)

Now about Sirale. She's Czech, and her photographer in Prague told me she's a quiet, unassuming girl who is always eager to please and very well-mannered. She's not the flashy, brassy, over-the-top porn star type. Physically, she's got the woman-next-door look. This scene surprised me because the guy blew his load while she was on top. Usually in POV, there's a facial or the girl's tits get nutted in a submissive position.

Sirale was 31 years old when she first started doing porn and nude modeling. When she feels like doing some shoots, she contacts the photographer and travels to meet him. The last time we photographed Sirale for SCORELAND, she was four-months pregnant and already had a big bump. She passed on doing hardcore and shot a masturbation scene instead.

Your cock in Sirale's mouth &pussy

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Your cock in Sirale's mouth &pussy

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