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Sha Rizel | Slim and Shapely

Thursday, November 02, 2017
Slim &Shapely

It's rise and shine and grind for ShaRizel. The sun wakes her up. Sha goes to bed naked. Before she gets out of bed, she stretches her lovely limbs. Now it's time to dress.
Sha puts on tiny blue panties and a blue sports bra. The camera is placed at a very low angle for a view of Sha's marvel of a slim 'n' busty body. Stretchy and tight work-out pants are next. Her butt and legs look so fine in them. Sha leaves her bedroom and heads out to the sunny terrace. After a few quick stretches, she gets down to her little panties again for more stretching. Heading back to her room, Sha takes a refreshing shower, ready for what the day will bring.

Slim &Shapely

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Slim &Shapely

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